Not only is abandoning animals outside of shelters reprehensible; it's complete cruelty to leave them defenseless with no shelter, food, or water.

I remember in 2018, a woman was caught on camera leaving two cats in their kennels outside of a local animal shelter in Rockford.  Due to the storms that night, one of the kennels filled with water and one of the cats died.

There are many circumstances where people do a "drop and dash" at animal shelters hours before the shelter opens or overnight, in hopes nobody catches them abandoning their pet.

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Why Do People Abandon Pets At Rescues?

#1: A bad financial situation or lack of money to care for the pet

#2: Relocation to a residence that doesn't allow pets

#3: Birth of a child can take away attention from the pet & lack of interest from owners


Now, we don't know why this adorable puppy was tied up and dumped at an Illinois animal shelter.  Even though it's a horrible situation, at least it didn't snow overnight where the pup was in danger of freezing to death.

Adorable Dog Tied Up & Dumped Outside Illinois Animal Shelter

The post on Facebook reads, "This is not how you drop off dogs at the humane society. Please wait until we are open this poor pup was probably out all night."

Wayne County Humane Society of Illinois
Wayne County Humane Society of Illinois

To anybody thinking of surrendering their animal like this, please don't do it.  It's inhumane, selfish, and so horrible to leave animals in bad conditions they can't escape.  Think better, do better, be a good human and do it the right way if you really have to surrender your pet.

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