Too good to be true generally is... but we can't blame Rose for booking this deal.

Rose Lawrence was looking for a hotel room to stay at with her son for eight days in Chicago.

She checked for anywhere that might fit her time frame and her budget.

To her surprise, she found one. The Trump Hotel.

A suite that usually sells for $1,100 a night was priced at $253 for the entire eight nights.

Rose obviously booked the hotel.

After she received the confirmed reservation from the hotel and, she had some questions and called the hotel when she was asked to cancel the reservation by the revenue manager who according to WGN said, she would, 'lost my job if you don't do this.'

Looks like that 'too good to be true' feeling was just that. The hotel was listed incorrectly on, and the hotel has since tried to make Rose cancel or change her reservation, including asking her to pay more than she booked.

As of Tuesday the issue is still ongoing, with trying to accommodate both the woman who booked the reservation and the Trump Hotel.

Do you think the hotel should have to give Rose the rooms at the accidental rate?

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