Who do you know with a basement, garage, attic, or barn containing hidden treasures? The History Channel's 'American Pickers' return to Illinois this summer.

American Pickers Return to The Midwest

Go Behind the Scenes of American Pickers' 2019 Stop in Rockford
HISTORY via Youube

The popular series, American Pickers will be returning to a few states in the Midwest this summer and a return to Illinois is on the schedule. This time, the purpose will not be to find things you'd see in antique stores, it will be to find bigger treasure than that.

Mike and Frank, the hosts of the show, are looking for some very specific, ahead of this Midwestern treasure hunt.

In a recent Facebook post, that has already been shared hundreds of times, the show detailed what kinds of treasures they're on the hunt for.

How are ya midwest? We are still in your states looking for those hidden treasures. This JULY, We will be heading to ILLINOIS, INDIANA and MICHIGAN looking for items that are RARE, HISTORICAL, SIGNIFICANT, and COOL.


American Pickers with Cheap Trick guitarist, Rick Nielsen
American Pickers with Cheap Trick guitarist, Rick Nielsen (HISTORY via YouTube)

Right now I'm thinking about all of the barns, large sheds, and outbuildings I saw on a recent drive US 20 from Huntley back to Rockford. I wonder how many of them have an item that American Pickers would love to find.

American Pickers Hidden Treasure Leads

If you or someone you know has a private and large collection, they need to know. You need to make the connection.

Call or text: ‪(646) 493-2184‬. Or, Email: americanpickers@cineflix.com.

The show's Facebook page asked for the same thing I'm going to ask, please share this info with everyone.

Below is the original announcement the show made about the Midwest tour this summer.

Speaking of 'hidden treasures', Illinois is full of them.

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