Possibly the most important thing in your house is your smoke alarm and if you're not sure if yours is working, then the American Red Cross might be able to help you out.

Sound the Alarm is a huge event that is making a stop in Rockford on May 11.

So what is Sound the Alarm? Basically the American Red Cross wants to make sure everyone has a working smoke detector in their house so they are taking an entire day in Rockford to make sure that happens.

You can get involved in two ways, by requesting a smoke alarm from the Red Cross that they will install for you on May 11, or by volunteering.

You can imagine with all of the alarms they're attempting to install in one day, they definitely need some volunteers!

Both requesting and volunteering can happen at the same place: SoundTheAlarm.org/Chicago.

They really need volunteers so be sure to sign up if you're available.

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