If you love solving puzzles and have always wanted to try out one of those Escape Rooms, you're in luck.

The Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook is opening one this Friday.

WGN shares that "Escape The Room" is opening it's newest location in the Oakbrook Center. They've spent "$1 million renovating its Oakbrook facility."

When you go you will a get a choice of what type a room you and your friends want to escape from. There's several to choose from including "a puppet theater, archaeological dig site, submarine or nuclear power plant," etc..

It's not cheap but I think well worth it to put your problem solving skills to good use. For just $30 a person, you and your friends will be locked in a room and given "a series of clues and puzzles" that you must solve in order to escape the room in under 60 minutes.

Think you can do it?

I think I could do it. If anything it would be worth a shot to try and, not to mention, something fun to do on a weekend out with friends.

Plus, once your done you can go shopping and hang out at the mall for a while too.

To learn more check out their Facebook post.








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