I often give you ideas on how to "escape" from the everyday.

Whether it be trips to hidden gems in Wisconsin or great places to get something to eat somewhere far off in Illinois, never did I think I'd talk to you about escaping, like for real, escaping.

That's because up until today I had no idea that Illinois was home to two of the very best escape rooms in America.

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You know what "escape rooms" are, right?

Mastermind Escape Games:

You’re locked in a room and debriefed with a mission. You have 60 minutes to escape and there is only one way out - find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes before your time runs out. Can you do it? Only one thing is for certain, you'll have fun trying.

With the right group of people, a night at an escape room sounds like fun.

Regardless, if you're looking for some of the best escape rooms in the US, you won't have to leave the state to do so.

According to USA Today's 10 Best Reader's Choice list, you don't want to miss Mind Trap Escape Rooms.

Ranked 5th overall, Mind Trap boasts they're "Chicago's BEST themed escape rooms" adding they're perfect for birthdays, team building, and group outings.

Mind Trap is located at 299 Montgomery Road in Montgomery, Illinois. They're also taking special precautions living in the COVID era, every room is private so you won't be playing with strangers.

The other Illinois escape room on the list is Sixty to Escape, because "you will have 60 minutes to complete an immersive adventure!" according to 62escape.com.

Sixty to Escape ranked 9th overall on the USA Today list, and is located inside Gurnee Mills. There's another location in Wisconsin inside Milwaukee's South Ridge Mall.

Have you been to either or both of these escape rooms? Which one is your favorite? Tell us!

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