We're six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and some are still having issues with face masks. There will not be any political angle in this article, just cold hard facts. The common denominator? Masks. Suck. Well, thankfully there you're about to receive some great mom who has mastered the mask dilemmas, Yes, that is plural.

Sure, children have been in school for at least a few weeks and one would think they should be adjusting the wearing face masks as part of the new norm. This is not necessarily the case. Why? Because they are children and life is hard when you're a kid. The two seemingly biggest "problems" are how the face mask fits or how they smell.

Let's start with the latter, the smell. There are times when we all have embarrassedly smelly breath but kids seem to have this problem more often. It's usually when they want to whisper a secret into your nose instead of your ear. Regardless of the smell of their breath, you need to wash their masks on the regular. Think of it as underwear for their face. Kids should not be wearing the same pair of funktified under more than a day. Am I suggesting children should have more than three face masks? Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.

Another struggle that comes with face masks and their cleanliness is what happens when you wash them. You could just toss them into the wash with other stuff and there usually isn't much a problem, right? Think again. The same goes for drying them. I dried one of my 11-year-old's face masks and it shrank into the size of an eye patch. This is where Holly Homer of kidsactivitiesblog.com came to the rescue.

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