I was raised by parents who instilled the importance of proper grammar in me from an early age. I sure wish more people would feel the same way.

Annoyingly Bad Grammar Habits We Wish Would Stop

I realize that in this day and age many words and phrases have become shortened for convenience purposes. But sometimes people just really don't even know that they are saying the wrong thing altogether. I asked, via the Steve Shannon Show Facebook page, What are the things that annoy people the most in Rockford? Here is a list of the 8 most often mentioned.


It's not a word. Even dictionaries list it as nonstandard or incorrect usage, and recommend that "regardless" be used instead.

Can I "axe" you a question?

No, but you may ask me one.

I could care less

Really? So you care a little then, right? So you're just contradicting yourself.

I seen 

I saw.


It's a really bad combination of supposed to and able. Try this instead, "I'm supposedly going to Great America this weekend." Or, "I am supposed to be able to go." You get the point.

I literally

You literally what? Because usually what ever follows is usually not true, therefore it's not really literal.

Can you "borrow" me some money?

If I borrow you money then I'm getting it from someone else because you can't borrow your own things. Would you like me to lend you some money instead?

For all "intensive" purposes

For all intents and purposes. Stop slurring words together. This makes it sound like your purpose is really hard core.

Are you guilty of using any of these phrases? You better not be now that you are informed. If you have a friend who is, be sure you share this post to shut it down. I'll be the bad guy. You're welcome.

Below are all the responses I got when asking what misused words or phrases drive you crazy.

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