Amazon is set to open its second brick-and-mortar retail store in Illinois. So what do they sell in an Amazon 4-Star store?

What they will be selling inside this store was my first thought after seeing this news. Amazon sells basically everything, I found the answers to those questions.

Amazon currently operates amazon 4-Star stores in 17 states. I had no idea that Illinois already has one Amazon 4-Star store and it's at 2228 Oakbrook Center (Oak Brook, IL). They sell products from that are rated four stars or higher by buyers. In addition, they offer top-selling, new and trending products. Consumer electronics, kitchenware, home goods, toys, books, games and more.

Illinois' next Amazon 4-Star store will be at Westfield Old Orchard at 4999 Old Orchard Center in Skokie.

You be able to you use Amazon Pay, the Amazon app and Amazon gift cards, as well as cash and credit cards to pay for items.

There is still no official opening date.

Stay up to date on this store opening and job opportunities HERE.

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