2020 ended on some weird notes. On top of everything else that happened throughout the year, we had the strange monolith phenomenon. The first one popped up in Utah in remote Red Rock Country on Nov. 18. And if you don't remember, here's what the bizarre structure looked like.

It was basically the last thing 2020 needed. However, Utah wasn't the only place the monolith popped up. After gaining the interest of the entire internet, it disappeared from Utah. And then it started popping up in other locations around the world like India, Morocco, Austria, and of course a ton of other locations across the US.

But recently a monolith has popped up pretty close to home. An 8-to-9-foot monolith has popped up on a Wisconsin hiking trail.

So the monolith was first spotted during the weekend at County Grounds Park in Wauwatosa.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHY IS IT THERE? I have so many questions. So what is this thing made of and when did it get there? Well, according to MilwakeeMag -

The structure, on the crest of a hill next to one of the park’s many trails, is about 8 or 9 feet tall, and about a foot wide on each of its four sides. It appeared to be made of thick cardboard or plywood over a wood frame, and painted a metallic silver and is visible from Discovery Parkway.

There wasn't any snow on top of it, so that means it was probably placed there after the snowfall over the weekend. The snow around it now though is almost all yellow, because what dog would deny marking that on a walk?

What does it mean? Who knows, all I know is this weird phenomenon should've stayed in 2020.

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