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Let me first start off by telling you people in Durand know how to have f-u-n. This new "trend" is proof.

2020 has sucked, there is no sugarcoating it. Despite all of that, people have been coming up with creative ways to deal with life during a pandemic, a.k.a. come up a way to pass the time. Take, for instance, leaving the lower half of a mannequin on someone's front step with a note. This is exactly what is happening in Durand, which is closer than you think. Maybe someone can start this trend in Rockford?

Here's how it works.

First, you're going to need a mannequin. (Don't ask me where to get one because I have no idea.) You add one thing to the said mannequin, attach a note...

Kassy Lumsden

... and then drop it off at a random house. The mannequin in the picture below has been two houses prior to this stop.

Kassy Lumsden
Kassy Lumsden

Someone in the Durand area also whipped up a Facebook for this hilariously bizarre challenge.

There seems to be some mannequins traveling around our town. Please share a picture if one shows up at your house! And invite your friends to this page.

You can find that group here. And, for those of you in cities and towns outside of Durand, let the weirdness begin!

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