Cubs fans aren't the only ones who love these boys, they took over New York, too!

After this weekend it seems like the fact that the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions is beginning to actually sink in.

It could be the three World Series shirts I bought that I keep staring at in my closet, or it could be sinking in because of the amazing videos and photos I keep seeing.

Two of my favorite things collided last night (Saturday) as Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler took the Saturday Night Live stage.

The boys were first featured in a bachelorette party skit with old ladies where they were strippers...


So that was kind of weird.

But then, they got very cute and Cubbie went they were a part of the Weekend Update and former SNL star, Bill Murray joined the three Cubs to sing, 'Go Cubs Go.'

Dexter Fowler is actually a pretty good singer, David Ross sounds like a former Rockstar and Anthony Rizzo sounds like your brother at karaoke.

Can this Cubs happiness train never end please?

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