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As the Chicago Cubs continue their "cleaning house/not cleaning house" or their "everything most go," player sale...it seems that Anthony Rizzo has had enough of the Cubs.

According to Rizzo, negotiating a contract extension isn't something the Cubs star is interested in anymore. NBC Chicago 

“I don't think there's a reason to listen right now, I think I gave them every fair opportunity in the past years.” - Anthony Rizzo

The breakdown of this is that Rizzo wanted to have all this contract stuff behind him by now. Anthony Rizzo and his agent have tried to engage in contact negotiations over the past few years but the Chicago Cubs have not made things happen. Working on things now, as the season is underway is something that Anthony wants no part of...

“I have told them it's time to play baseball and help this team win, when we talk, it's about our team and how we're feeling as a team and other opportunities that come up.  As far as the contract stuff, it's just smart, I think, on all ends to continue to play baseball.” - Anthony Rizzo

Chicago Cubs President Jed Hoyer, had a response to Rizzo's comments that kinda made me go "huh?"  Jed said that respects Anthony's desire for a deadline, but the door is open to continuing negotiations. Mr. Hoyer, sir, his deadline is set and he doesn't want to talk to you.

Kris Bryant could be on his way out of town, and it sure does look like Anthony Rizzo could be doing the same. At least we had 2016, right?

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