Get ready to ditch your side part... and your skinny jeans. Apparently it's making us look old.

Most of the time I feel relatively young. I mean my knees hurt sometimes and I hear a phrase I have to text Producer MJ and and ask her about, but I feel ok with my 'youth' vibes.

Until I heard that my hairstyle makes me look old.

According to, TikTok-ers think those of us who rock a side part are, well, old.

I mean to be fair I am much older than the typical TikTok-er, but at the same time, I always thought it helped your face look symmetrical?

At this point I've had this side part for like twenty years so I don't think my hair would move if I tried but maybe some day I'll think about it.

The skinny jeans are staying though... in my closet because I hate jeans. But if I wear them, they'll be skinny.

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