Random acts of kindness are always so sweet, but this one might be the sweetest.

There's something extra special about a stranger that goes out of their way to deliver kindness to another stranger.

That's what happened last week in Oswego, Illinois.

Rebekah Covay is currenting undergoing chemotherapy treatment. If you check out her Facebook page, you'll see her friends and family are supporting her a ton, but what a stranger recently did stands out as a wonderful act of kindness.

Rebekah posted this on Facebook on February 3.

Domino's pizza driver, Al, brought over brownies and the sweetest note.

Dear Survivor!

We've all been touched by cancer in one way or another. I see your sign and I drive by and I feel Inspired! Your brownie is paid for 1,000 times with sleepless nights! I'm proud of you! You've got this!

Driver, Al

Just the sweetest I've see online all year right there. You've got this Rebekah!

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