It seems like a month does not go by without a UFO sighting over the Land of Lincoln.

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Are UFOs real? Well, unidentified flying objects don't necessarily mean something resembling the photo above.

People have been obsessed with the thought of visitors from other planets since World War II but who's to say those people are wrong.


A few months ago there were reported UFO sightings all over the midwest and eastern part of the United States, turns out it was a Russian satellite that failed to reach space.

The images caught on video last month in Mokena, Illinois raise all sorts of questions.


The man who is audible in the video says he's filming near Tinley Park in Mokena, Illinois.

The video, filmed sometime in the evening, begins with the man spotting something in the sky. It appears to be a ball, that or just bad camera resolution.

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

The footage is even eerier with the chosen background music. But, it's not just one visually unidentifiable flying object, there are multiple ... things.

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

Here's another still shot.

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

One object on the right far seems to shine brightly through the trees.

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

There was an attempt to zoom in on whatever it (they) are.

Noticias actuales paranormales via YouTube

Are these visitors from another planet or galaxy or is this explainable?


Here is the video in question but, just an FYI, there's NSFW language.

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