Some people are dog people others are cat people. The Cucci-Sporcich family from Arlington Heights are certainly always going to be cat people.

According to WGN, Wilson the cat "alerted his family to a dangerous presence in their home late last week at about 2 am Friday morning: a brown bat."

Good thing too. "The bat, which was picked up on May 27 in the Cucci-Sporcich home in the 400 block of North Haddow Avenue by the village's animal control department, tested positive for rabies on June 1" says the Chicago Tribune.

Marc Sporcich was attempting to catch the bat with the help of Wilson was "was trying to stun it, or kill it, with the pillow." The Daily Herald also says, "Without touching it, he managed to trap the small brown bat under a box, get it into a garbage bag and put it in a crate in the garage. The couple slept on their couch and called Arlington Heights Animal Control later that morning."

Since most of us don't have a cat like Wilson, if you spot a bat in your house call 911 or for non-emergencies in Rockford call 815-966-2900.

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