Like everything in life, the status of the NFL season is PENDING. So don't be confused, I'm not saying Bears games are for sure happening and fans will definitely be there, we're just talking what-if scenarios.

IF (emphasis on the IF) fans are allowed in Soldier Field, they’ll have to wear a mask. The NFL Vice President of Communications made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday.

It’s still unclear whether Bears fans will be allowed in Soldier Field at all this season. NBC Sports details -

Currently, Illinois is in Phase 4 of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Reopen Illinois plan. That phase limits outdoor gatherings to 50 people, however outdoor facilities can accommodate multiple groups of 50 people “given facilities have space to appropriately social distance and can limit interaction between groups.”

No official determination has been made whether this will apply to large outdoor arenas, like Soldier Field. NBC details -

Even if Gov. Pritzker clears the path for football in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has to sign off on the plan as well.

Some states like Michigan and Philadelphia have already said they won't allow fans at games. So like i said, IF we are allowed, we will be required to wear masks.

But like everything, only time will tell.

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