Allen Robinson is one of the best, if not THE best offensive player on the Bears, and he's unhappy with his contract situation. 

Before you start saying that Allen Robinson signed a contract, he should honor it no matter what, remember this. The NFL doesn't have guaranteed contracts and many other WRs of his stature in similar contract situations have seen extensions come their way.

Also remember that this is a negotiation so no one should take things too seriously. All right? Now what happened?

Well, earlier Tuesday morning, it was reported that Allen Robinson had removed all Bears related photos and references from his social media accounts. This is step one in the current media relations playbook and shouldn't be taken too seriously. What should be taken seriously is the face that his teammates have now joined fans in speaking loudly to the fact that Robinson should receive a contract extension sooner than later:

Now, this is of course all ridiculous and shouldn't be taken so seriously but this is DEFINITELY the world we live in now. Players see the power their social media has and use it to leverage situations to their favor.

As a Bear fan, I hope they figure out how to make Robinson happy and stay with the Bears but it looks like this probably has a few more chapters before it's over.



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