Last week, and I'm hoping you saw it, I told you about Becca's Closet, a local non-profit that was offering free homecoming dresses to high school students in need. The word spread faster than rumors in a high school hallway and now, they could really use your help.

I spoke to Amy from Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries and she said they typically give away about 30 dresses each week, now they're averaging close to 120 every week and she says it can be taxing on their volunteers. So what they need is volunteers...and more dresses.

Volunteers can work every Saturday through October 8th; the shift is 8:30 am to noon. It's very simple, you would have a quick orientation before they open at 9, help girls choose and try on their dress and bag it once they find the one they like.

If you'd like to donate a dress, they're specifically looking for size 7 and up, so clean out those closets and learn more at to make sure you know what's hot or not and how you can donate.

This Saturday I'll be there volunteering, if you or someone you know is looking for a homecoming dress, I would love to help.

Becca's Closet is inside the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd at 1829 N. Rockton Ave. in Rockford and is open Saturdays through October 8th from 9 am to 12 pm.