Is it just me or does it seem like the cost of going to school parties like Homecoming is geting more and more expensive with each passing year? Honestly, I never went to a homecoming dance, for two reasons- I could never find a date and secondly, I couldn't afford a dress.

My parents gave me a choice, prom or Homecoming; but I couldn't do both.  For a lot of local families that could be the case, some teens might not even have a choice; their families simply don't have the money to spend.

That's where Becca's Closet comes in. According to a post on Facebook, they currently have over 2,000 short and long dresses available; along with shoes, accessories and jewelry.  There's no need to show proof of income, no hidden fees and while the dresses are free, they do accept donations.

Here's more from WIFR:

If you know someone who could benefit from this, please share and spread the word. Every girl deserves to feel amazing at her school dance, regardless of what they don't have or where they came from.

Becca's Closet closes at noon so please allow yourself plenty of time to find the right dress for you; which are all first come first serve.

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