Beefaroo has been serving Rockfordians delicious burgers and fries since 1967.

What if you're going to Beefaroo for the first time? What if you have a friend or relative in town that wants to see the Beefaroo hype for themselves?

The Beefaroo menu is big and there's plenty of great choices. Deciding on the best thing to order would be too difficult. If only there was a definitive list that highlighted the 10 best things to get at Beefaroo.

Welp, here you go, here are Beefaroo's 10 best menu items ranked.

1. 1/4 1b. Bacon Cheeseburger 

2. Cheddar Fries

3. Summer Berry Salad

4. Buffalo Chicken Wrap

5. Onion Rings

6. Mushroom Swiss Burger

7. Wild West Beef

8. Avocado Turkey Jack Wrap

9. Veggie Club

10. Pumpkin Squares (seasonal)

You can't go wrong with any combo of the 10 things on the list above.

Here's the methodology: My own experiences, I've tried almost everything on the menu at Beefaroo so my taste buds are the first source for the list. The second, Instagram photos. If you're going to take the time to take a picture of your food, and post it on Instagram you know you love it. Based on the photos, everyone loves Cheddar Fries.

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