A man armed with a BB Gun pulls off a beer robbery in Rockford.

Rockford is an interesting place. It takes a lot to surprise me anymore. Especially, in this crazy year of 2020. I don't even know where to begin with this strange and unfortunate incident. So I'll start with the details and then analyze the situation.

According to mystateline.com,

"Rockford Police have apprehended 26-year-old Ethan Keinz for allegedly robbing the 11th Street Schnucks on Wednesday. Police say around 5:50 p.m., officers responded to the grocery store located at 3134 11th Street, where employees said a suspect displayed a gun and left the store with a case of beer. Keinz was identified as the suspect and was located a short time later, in possession of a BB gun, police said."

Okay, first of all, crime is not a joke. I would not want to be one of the victims because this is a very scary situation. Since no one was hurt it's hard to not find a little humor in this circumstance.

The suspect risked his life. Now, he is headed to jail. For what reason? A case of beer. I think we've all had that time where we really wanted a beer or maybe a few to catch a buzz. Possibly, it just wasn't in the budget at the time. It could have been a bad day for the guy. There was no one who would spot him.

Unfortunately, he made a bad decision to break the law to get some. Now, he's gotten himself in trouble for something that costs $20. I don't think it was really worth it. I hope he at least tried taking some good stuff.

Even though it was a bad situation if you want to find a silver lining in this gray cloud, he didn't have a real weapon. It was just a toy. I understand getting hit by a bb gun can still hurt, but the likelihood of it being fatal is unlikely.

Maybe, that's why the mother in "A Christmas Story" didn't want Ralphie to get a Red Rider. She might have been afraid that it would lead him down a bad road.

What do you think is more embarrassing for the suspect, getting caught with the beer or BB Gun?

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