How many of you stress over your kids first day of school? You want everything to be perfect for them.

On the first day of school things are usually running pretty smooth. By the last day of school, most of us are hanging by a thread. I decided to compose a list of the differences my girlfriend and I came up with. Let me know if you agree. Or maybe we are the only parents who are hot messes by the time school's about over.

Beginning of school year

Kids showered and in bed by 8:30 p.m.

Clothes are picked out the night before.

Lunches packed and ready to go in the fridge.

You wake up your happy, excited kids with hugs and kisses.

Make a healthy breakfast.

Engage in morning conversation.

Kids brush teeth.

Pick up notes written and sent for teachers.

Kids ready to go ten minutes early.

Plenty of time to take those adorable back to school photos.

You are dressed and looking presentable.

Drive kids to school and walk them in to meet their teachers and see them off for their first day.

End of school year

Kids in bed by 10pm (if you're lucky).

Kids won't go to sleep.

Wake up late in the morning.

Dragging kids out of bed.

Yelling at kids to go get clean clothes out of the dryer or where ever they can find them and get dressed.

Kids eating cereal out of the box while trying to finish their homework.

Leave for school ten minutes late.

Realize kids didn't brush teeth and give them gum.

Speeding on way to school while trying to write pick up note at the same time.

You're still in your pj's and praying no one sees you while you slow down to 5mph and tell the kids to jump out of the car and run as fast as they can so they get inside before the bell rings.

Drive home and see their lunch still sitting on the counter. (Sigh)

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