Back to school day is a day filled with mixed emotions. For parents that is. These kids, in their new outfits, are filled with nothing but happiness.

Sometimes the negative posts on Facebook fill your news feed so much that you almost hate singing isn. A friend posted something about all the negativity that I really liked, so I shared it on the Steve Shannon Show's Facebook page.

"I LOVE all the first day of school photos. That's what I want my newsfeed to be full of. Keep sharing your kids all year long and push the BS out of our feeds."

I asked for followers of the page to share their child's back to school photo so we could help fill everyone's newsfeed with something much better. Thank you.

Don't forget to share your 'back to school' photo on Instagram for a chance to win over $200 in prizes. Details after photo gallery

Post your 'back to school' photo on your Instagram page and use the hashtag #97ZOK. That hashtag is important, it's how we can find your photo. One of you will be chosen and win:

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