Recently I read a study that said if you want to be in a good mood, you should make it a point to be around people who are always in a good mood.

Well, I think the same thing could be said about people. If you want to be a good, or even better person, you need to surround yourself with good people. Do you want to be inspired? Then be around those who are an inspiration to others.

That's how I came to learn about Arsenio White. My friend and mentor, Tina Jacobs, has connected me to some great people, in person and now, on social media.

Arsenio is a vlogger from Beloit who became an Instagram star with his hand stand challenge- his commitment to doing something that he enjoys while encouraging people to get fit and active by getting off of their feet and onto their hands.

He recently had an opportunity to share his story with WKOW.
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Wow. Let's give Arsenio a hand...stand.

If you'd like to see more, you can follow Arsenio on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

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