You know those feel good news stories you see and you just go, "Awwwww!".

Well, that's how I was with this story. Last week, the Belvidere Fire Department lent a helping hand to a family of ducklings who got stuck in a storm drain. Not just any storm drain though, it was one right outside of a local Culver's.

Mystateline details -

"Sure enough, there was four little ducklings inside the storm drain, and mom and two other ones had taken off,” Thornton said. Probationary firefighter Adrian Trujillo helped with the rescue. “We just opened it up and took them out,” he said. “We have to take special care of those, because they’re smaller creatures, so you can’t startle them or have them run away, because then they’ll go down the rest of the storm drain. Then it’s a lot harder for us to get in there.”

Please watch the cuteness unfold -

Thornton and Trujillo both said it felt good to be able to rescue the animals.

I'm sure it's a rescue they wont soon forget.

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