The day your child starts kindergarten is an emotional day. Some kids really struggle with that family separation. This story is funny, joyful and relatable.

You're going to adore this story about our NEWEST Teacher Of The Week


Congratulations to Megan Hursh, kindergarten teacher at Perry Elementary School in Belvidere, Illinois.

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Mrs. Hursh was nominated by Nova McGivern, whose son is in Megan's class. Her little guy has not had the 'smoothest' transition into his first school experience. Nova writes,

"I do not even know where to begin with this wonderful woman. She has been a complete and total to our family.

Our son started Kindergarten this year and due to the pandemic he was unable to do Preschool, or any sports/activities to help him adjust to a school like setting and start to get used to socialization with other children his age. Unfortunately even with his older brother home doing remote learning all that taught him was that Brother will always be around and this is how we do school.

I was so fearful just tossing him into full day classes. The first day my child even escaped the school....yes, you read that right he escaped and I had no idea. My Mom friend caught him outside looking for my car. *instant panic* I left this sweet little boy in his classroom how has this happened?! Well needless to say I had to get him back inside and eventually had to leave him kicking and screaming. He just did not understand why he needs to do this and was so scared.


Here's the little 'escape artist'.
Here's the little 'escape artist'.



"His teacher Mrs. Hursh helped me through this tough time and helped my son feel so safe and comfortable. Days 2-3 were pretty normal for school, I dropped him off and went in with no problems, no tears, and no tantrums.

Day 4 and my little escape artist once again began his shenanigans. There he went sprinting across the front yard of the school. A straight b-line for the car. He was over it and no longer interested. Here we are again force walking my child to his classroom and me having to leave him behind both of us in tears. This was absolutely heart breaking.

That same day Mrs. Hursh messaged me asking if there was something we could work out together to help my child through this process. I was ecstatic that she was willing to help me with this because I was so lost. She came up with the idea she would come out earlier and bring my child in one on one with her to be her special helper. He was so excited to be targeted like that and help his teacher set up her classroom with her.

She has continued to do this for us this entire beginning of the school year.

Then 2 weeks ago I got diagnosed with covid and my children had to miss school for those 2 weeks. She reached out to me to check in with my child and kept all worksheets and fun activities they did for those weeks so he did not feel left out. She checked in when he was returning so she could meet her little helper outside again. My son was almost in tears when he saw her but this time they were happy tears!!! He comes home every single day talking about how much he missed her and how much he likes going to school and being that wonderful little helper.

This teacher went out of her way when she didn't need to just to help my son get through this and continues to help him daily. There are not enough words out there to describe how grateful my family has been for her."

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