Illinois is about to be bursting with peak fall colors everywhere, but you don't know where to go to get outside to enjoy it. Try any of the Illinois spots.

Time To Take in the Beauty of Fall

The vibrant colors of fall are starting to peak throughout Illinois and now is the perfect time to be thinking about where you might want to visit.

It should come as no surprise what town kicks off this list.

5 Best Places to See Stunning Fall Colors in Illinois

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Galena, Illinois might just be the perfect destination for any season, but fall and winter do look remarkably better than spring and summer. Galena absolutely is one of the coolest small towns to visit in the U.S.

50+ Reasons Galena is One of the Best Fall Destinations Across America

Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford

Kashif Ibrahim via Google Maps
Kashif Ibrahim via Google Maps


Great River Road


There aren't many drives in Illinois, a state known for being so boringly flat, that take your breath away. Except for this one.

This 33-mile Illinois stretch of the 2,000 mile Great River Road was named One of the Most Scenic Drives in the U.S.

We're going to stay on the road for this next one.


Route 66

It’s not the drive that makes Route 66 amazing, it’s what you see along the way.


Garden of The Gods - Shawnee national Forest

Right between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, in the southern part of Illinois, is the small town of Herod, and they have a great big secret. No other fall color viewing will take you breath away like the Garden of the Gods and not just because the view is beautiful. Your viewpoint here is at a pretty high elevation.

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