So it happened. The groundhog saw his shadow. Now what? What on earth are we going to do with 6 more weeks of winter in the Midwest?

Here are a few ideas on ways to get cozy for the remainder of Winter.

Hit the gym

If u want to warm up this is the perfect place to do it. Stop being lazy. New year, new you...right? Hop on the treadmill, take a class. Want to warm up and relax? A lot of Rockford gyms have steam rooms, saunas, and tanning beds too.
Book a trip somewhere warm
Be spontaneous! Even if it's just for a weekend. A lot of airlines have last minute deals on flights right out of Rockford.
Grab your favorite cuddle buddy and head to the movie theater
I have recently seen Hidden Figures and A Dogs Purpose with my daughter and would highly recommend them both. Plus you get to snack on that delicious popcorn. There are also some free movies airing this weekend at the Nordlof Center.
Go to one of the local shelters and adopt a dog or a cat
They will warm your heart and your lap.
Book a weekend trip to the Dells
Hang out at the indoor waterpark and just pretend it's summertime.
Now, go get warm and cozy.