There have been several amazing things taking place inside this church on the corner of Spring Creek and Mulford Roads in Rockford and today was the biggest.

Many Lives Including Mine Changing in a Rockford Mega-Church

How many of you went to Rockford First to see Chicago Cubs World Series champ David Ross? If it's been a long time since you've been inside, I'll bet you noticed many changes. I've only been gong to church there since August and I've seen many wonderful transformations in just that short amount of time.

Many Lives Including Mine Changing in a Rockford Mega-Church
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There were about 4000 people in attendance over two services on 'David Ross Day', which was way more than usual. That was exciting stuff for our church. They sure know how to attract people. I hope that if you were there you will consider coming back.

David Ross wasn't the only amazing man in that building speaking to people. Jesus Christ was there too, speaking to many people's hearts, just as he has spoken to mine over the last several months. All it took was for me to be in that building one week and Jesus grabbed ahold of me and hasn't let go. In fact, he had been there all along waiting for me to come back to him with open arms. We all go through different seasons in our lives, good and bad. This latest season has been a real struggle in my life and I have God to thank for keeping me afloat.


Rockford First is entering a new season, changing their name to City First as of today. It's the perfect time for anyone to come check it out. City First Church is not just a friendly church, it's a FAMILY CHURCH. And our church is not for perfect people.


Click HERE to see the full David Ross visit to City First Church/


None of us are perfect. We all need some Jesus in our lives. Even those who go to church all the time still need Jesus, like this guy in the video below. However, I have also made the same statement as he does at the very end.

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