Finishing an entire deep-dish pizza at one time is a big task. The beautiful part is having more to enjoy the next day, but not if you don't reheat it properly.

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Pizza is Our Love Language

We eat so many pizzas in my home, you really would think that statement above was true. Our kids don't like the "thick pizza", as the kids call it, so my wife and I don't get too many opportunities to order Chicago-style deep dish pizza. That means when we finally get some, we don't want to waste one bite.

Reheating a few slices of deep-dish pizza is not a job for the microwave, nor is it a pizza that can be eaten cold. Most places you get the pizza from will include reheating instructions, but it's usually just tossing it into the oven, but that's not the best way, nor is it the only way.

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3 Best Ways to Reheat Deep-Dish Pizza

Thank goodness for this recent bit of pizza knowledge from, that shares the best ways to reheat one of the most iconic pizzas in the world.

Reheating Deep Dish Pizza in an Oven

99.9% of the deep dish pizza eaten in my home comes from either Giordano's or Lou Malnati's and they both recommend reheating in an oven.

preheat your oven to 450 degrees F [...]

cover a cooking sheet with aluminum foil sprayed with some cooking spray [...]

put your pizza slices on the sheet [...]

Spray the slices with a little water to prevent them from drying out [...]

cover the pizza loosely with another piece of aluminum foil and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the slices are hot.

Reheating Deep Dish Pizza in a Toaster Oven

When reheating in your toaster oven, set it to medium and run it for two cycles. My favorite reason for using this method is how it keeps the crust crispy, something that will never happen if you reheat in a microwave. The microwave just makes a soggy mess out of an amazing pizza.

Reheating Deep Dish Pizza in a Skillet

I've never tried this last method, but it sounds amazing as it will ensure the pizza stays moist. Coat a skillet with a little olive oil, turn to medium-high heat, put your slices in, cover, and reduce heat to medium. Cook the pizza for 3 to 6 minutes.

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