If you're looking for some inspiration this fall, you'll find it in Eyewitness News Sports Anchor Regan Holgate's story about Stillman Valley football player, Logan Lalor. 

Regan describes Logan as a 'walking miracle,' and that couldn't be truer. Imagine meeting a baby boy who had 20 doctors appointments before he was a month old.

Then, imagine seeing him take the field to play in a Varsity high school football game under the lights with his dad as the coach.

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What sounds like a movie script, is real life for Logan Lalor, who is a junior at Stillman Valley High School.

I could tell you his story, but I think it would be more powerful if you took a moment and watched how Eyewitness News Sports Anchor Regan Holgate told it on a recent episode of Overtime on FOX39.

Logan's mom, Heather, shared a post on Facebook leading up to Regan's story detailing that she and her husband, Mike, have been very private about Logan's diagnosis. However, when Regan approached them, saying she would like to highlight Logan's story on Overtime, they decided it was the right path to take.

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After the story was shared, Heather said, 'we are blessed and honored by her beautiful storytelling,' adding that she and her husband, 'pray people are inspired to be kind and accepting of children with challenges as their walk in life is very, very, very different than ours.'

Regan hosts Overtime alongside Eyewitness News Sports Director, Scott Leber, Friday nights during high school football and basketball season at 11pm on FOX39.

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