Since the Covid pandemic began, we all knew that once the cold and flu season arrived, we'd have a tougher time staying healthy. These foods help the fight.

Just a little bit of effort spent on illness prevention can go along way in keep yourself healthy at any time, even more so when trying to avoid getting COVID-19.

Plant biologist Deyu Xie is a professor of plant biology at North Carolina State University has spent his entire career studying the benefits (or otherwise) of all compounds found in nature. Much of the research Deyu does reveals how plants make many diverse chemicals, and some of those chemicals have a tremendous effect on our bodies.

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The phytochemicals created by the three foods below, possess great nutrients that are proven to help the body fight viruses.

Xie and his team ran the the extracted plant compounds through computer models in order to identify any compounds that could be potentially interacting with virus proteins required for virus survival in human cells.

The compounds in the 3 things below appeared to weaken those familiar spike proteins which give SARS-CoV-2 its power to infect and spread.

One item had better scores than the others, and that was...

Biologist Says These 3 Foods Help You Fight COVID-19 Naturally





Biologist Says These 3 Foods Help You Fight COVID-19 Naturally

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Professor Xie recommends chewing the grape skin un til it tastes bitter. That is your cue, the chemicals are strong.


Biologist Says These 3 Foods Help You Fight COVID-19 Naturally



You should know by now that the health benefits of chocolate come from dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. Milk can deactivate the power, says Professor Xie.



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