Some days, fast food is the only way you're going to get a chance to eat. Skip the National chains and try three of the top local fast food items in Rockford. 

We all think we'll be able to cook three perfectly nutritious meals every day for ourselves and our families. Ok, maybe no one really thinks that's going to happen, but it's there in our minds... let that thought disappear and instead make a plan to try some of the best local fast food options in Rockford.

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We're always wondering what your thoughts are, especially when it comes to food, so we recently asked you on the 97ZOK Facebook page, 'What's your one all time favorite fast food menu item?'

We got a bunch of great answers, including some National items, I'm sure you've tried (hello, McFlurry, we're talking about you).

But we also got three very specific items that are definitely fast food, but local to the Rockford area.

  • Kristan said, 'the turkey cranberry club from Beefaroo'
  • Patrick said, 'Geri's fries.'
  • Amie said, 'the pizza puffs at Tom & Jerry's in Sycamore.'

I feel like a bad Rockfordian... I haven't had any of those!

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I'm almost certain the turkey cranberry club is a seasonal item that's on the brink of landing at Beefaroo locations, so it's on my 'must-try,' list, what about you?

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