Ugh, can we talk about the amount of people in Illinois who use curbside pickup stalls as regular parking spots?  I have had it with these people!

I do online pickups as often as I can because I'm extremely lazy and try to keep my socializing to an absolute minimum.

It's really convenient because you can shop at your own pace, from the comfort of your bed, and stay in your car while someone delivers your order to you.

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Most people would read "Curbside Pickup" and know it's for anyone who has a mobile order they're picking up.  Others think it's a free-for-all.

Open Letter To Illinois Drivers Who Think Curbside Pickup Is For Parking

I was at the Rockford PetSmart in a Curbside Pickup stall waiting for my order when a guy pulled into the stall across from me.  He puts his car in park, gets out, and goes inside to shop.

If you're like this guy and try to get parking spots closest to the entrance of a store, please know there are regular parking spots designated for you.


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It's frustrating when people improperly park.

Look, I get it. Maybe you're in a rush. But so is everyone else. And when you park your car in a curbside pickup spot instead of a real parking space, you're making it harder for everyone else who actually needs to pick up their stuff.


Next time you're running errands and feel tempted to park in a Curbside spot, think again.  Don't do it.  Be a good human.  Get your steps in even if its five extra feet to reach the entrance to the store.  You'll survive!

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