It's no secret that Galentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year for 97ZOK. It's the most fun party ever and all for a good cause. But like a lot of good nights, you can find yourself caught up in the moment. Which is never a bad thing!

But if you're like me, sometimes you wake up the next day wishing you had more pictures and videos. That was definitely me this year. It all seemed like a big fun blur with a big dance party to end the night with Boy Band Review.

Well, turns out Boy Band Review had my back. They vlogged their night at Galentine's Day and it's the perfect way to relive the night!

So I present to you - Galentine's Day 2020 from the perspective of a Boy Band Review member -

Also ... please look at my magical hair in the wind at 3:50 because I look like a rockstar from their wind machines.

Thanks for vlogging boys and as always thanks for an awesome concert! We're honored to be your first vlog.

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