Three weeks until your wedding and the company you hired to do your makeup suddenly shuts their doors? That sounds like a big problem!

That's what happened to brides who chose to book their wedding with Arch Apothecary after they announced last week that they were shutting their doors indefinitely.

It's a bit of a mystery still what happened, Arch Apothecary had locations in Rockford, Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee.

If you go to their website, it still looks like you can give them a call or book an appointment, but when you try to book online, you get a message saying, 'online booking is unavailable currently. Please check back later.'

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What we do know is that clients and employees were both surprised by this shut down and it left some brides incredibly stressed out trying to find a new make-up team so close to their wedding.

According to WREX, a Rockford bride 'started freaking out,' because her wedding was three weeks away. She said thankfully the stylist who used to work for Arch Apothecary reached out to her personally and was still able to do the job.

There are now Facebook groups in Illinois and Wisconsin aimed to help the brides-to-be who have been affected by the closure.

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I walked by the Rockford location a few times this week but every time I look into the windows it looks the same. A room filled with bags all over the ground.

It looks like the bags are filled with products, but I haven't seen anyone in there or any of the items moved out.

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According to multiple Facebook comments and posts, the employees still haven't heard why the locations were shut down.

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