Going to the chapel in Illinois? If you are, you aren't alone, but why is Illinois so popular? 

Pretty much everything on earth was affected by the pandemic and a ton of industries are still recoverying. One industry that has come back possibly stronger than before though is the wedding industry.

People still want to get married and they want to have the huge celebrations they weren't allowed to have during 2020 and most of 2021.

According to Rare Carat, 2.5 million weddings are set to occur in 2022, which they say hasn't happened since the early 80s.

The hottest state to get married in is New York, followed by Washington and Rhode Island, but Illinois isn't too far away, it comes in at number 12.

12 out of 50 isn't too shabby.

The list was created by comparing pay and employment for the five biggest pieces of the wedding puzzle: event planners, jewelers, florists, photographers and bakers.

In Illinois those five annual average salries are:

  • Event Planner: $53.360
  • Jewelers: $46,210
  • Florists: $31,210
  • Photographers: $50, 920
  • Bakers: $32, 260

Here's somethign really interesting, out of those jobs, four of them are projected to grow in the next decade, all but one, florists, that are expected to decline in annual salaries by over 20 percent.

I always thought flowers were the key to a beautiful wedding but maybe not quite like they used to be.

What's your favorite part of a wedding? Mine is the dessert!

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