You're about to learn a few cool things about rhinos. We don't have a lot in common with rhinos, but we do share the misery of a sinus infection. 

A rhino breathes mostly through its nose, making sinus issues like an infection, life-threatening. Layla, a 7-year-old black rhino at Brookfield Zoo was drooling a lot and was having trouble breathing. That's when vets at the zoo diagnosed a sinus infection and gave Layla medicine. It wasn't long before the vets realized the meds weren't working. A decision was made to drill holes in the thick part of Layla's skull. As brutal as that sounds, it was done to create a sort of blowhole so she could breathe. This decision didn't come without complications, but it led to a history-making surgery at Brookfield Zoo, as you'll see in the videos below from

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