The Illinois state gas tax in went into effect on July 1 and no one is really happy, but one Byron gas station is hoping we can all see the silver lining.

Illinoisans will pay more for gas, vehicle registration, cigarettes, and parking after a bipartisan vote for $45 billion in capital spending.

For the most part, I'm OK with increases on vehicle registration (once a year charge) cigarettes, and parking (I live in the Rockford area, I'm good) however, the gas thing kind of hurts.

As I was gassing up today, pondering how much annually I'm going to spend on gas I noticed a sign.





Despite paying over $10 more this month to fill my vehicle than in June I still chuckled and felt a little bit better about spending so much on gas.


Not sure everyone will find paying more at the pump as funny as I did, but what're you gonna do, move out of Illinois?

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