Camila Cabello has teamed up with Ed Sheeran to create the perfect pop breakup anthem.

On Friday (March 4), the duo released their latest single, "Bam Bam," which will be featured on Cabello's third full-length album, Familia, due out April 8.

"This is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to allow yourself joy. Even through the heartache, and the confusion, and the messiness… we keep dancing," Cabello tweeted about the release of the track.

The new tune was written by Cabello, Sheeran and Ricky Reed, who also produced the dance-through-the-pain pop song.

Watch Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran's "Bam Bam" Music Video:

Some fans have speculated that the song was inspired by Cabello's ex-boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

"You said you hated the ocean, but you're surfin' now / I said I'd love you for life, but I just sold our house / We were kids at the start, I guess we're grown-ups now," Cabello sings on the first verse.

The two pop stars first met as teens, back when Cabello was still in Fifth Harmony. The pair broke up in November after two years of dating. Shortly after, Cabello sold the house that they shared. Additionally, Mendes was photographed surfing in February.

While speaking to Ryan Seacrest, Cabello seemingly confirmed Mendes was indeed the source of inspiration for the lyrics.

“I’m going back to a lot of the Latin music I listened to growing up,” Cabello shared. "In Latin music, there’s a lot of songs that almost carry within it a life lesson. Life has its cycles. I was in a long relationship that was amazing and awesome but things change and things end."

This isn't the first time Cabello and Sheeran have collaborated. In 2019, Sheeran enlisted Cardi B and Cabello for the Gold-certified hit "South of the Border."

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