When it comes to safe driving, age has definitely been a hot topic of debate.  In Illinois, you will never guess what age group has the safest drivers on the road.

Some can argue that the younger the driver, the more reckless they are on the road.

Others would definitely argue that older drivers are extremely cautious and give the road their full attention, but I would say otherwise.

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If you're over the age of 70, I have a strong feeling your reaction time is not the same as it used to be.  I honestly think it naturally just comes with age.

When I get to that age, I know I won't have the best neck mobility, my vision will probably be the absolute worst, and I won't drive over 25 miles per hour.

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I will be giving up my license by 70 for the safety of not only myself, but other drivers on the road haha.  You know who's safe, though?  Anyone with a window decal that says, "Baby On Board."

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The state of Illinois basically says age does not necessarily equate to unsafe driving.

The Age Group Of Illinois' Safest Drivers Will Shock You

Here's what ilsos.gov says about the safest drivers in Illinois.

"statistics on crash rates show that drivers who are 75 and older are among the safest of any drivers on the road."


"individuals who are aged 75 and older consistently experienced lower crash rates compared to nearly every other age group, demonstrating that Illinois drivers who are 75 and older are among the safest of any drivers on the road."

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Maybe if we all just put our phones down, used our turn signals 100% of the time, had more patience on the road, didn't blow through stop signs, and were completely aware of everyone around us... just maybe we'd all be considered safe drivers in Illinois.

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