Be cautious when driving through this Illinois town because it has some of the worst drivers in America.

When we thought Illinois couldn't make anymore embarrassing lists, think again.  We've been named one of the worst states to call home, for middle class families, and most likely to fall for scams.  We can't catch a break!


Illinois Town Dubbed "Worst Drivers" In America, 1 City in Top 12


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Drivers in Rockford, Illinois are being targeted for being horrible at driving.  Sadly, I live in this city, but I'd consider myself pretty safe behind the wheel!

According to Consume Affairs,

"Everyone seems to think their hometown has the worst drivers. But the ConsumerAffairs Research Team took a more data-driven approach to find the ultimate breeding ground for vehicular chaos."

Rockford made the top 12 list, but where does it fall on the charts?

It's not #1, I can promise you that haha.  Rockford landed at #11!


At least we aren't Memphis, Tennessee... they're #1 in the country for having the worst drivers, ever.  Their crash score is an 86.6, OMG!  What's worse?

"Other Tennessee cities ranked in the top 60 for worst drivers: Knoxville at 12th, Clarksville at 17th, Chattanooga at 19th and Nashville at 59th." [ConsumerAffairs]


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I will say, living in Rockford my entire life has made me realize drivers have really gotten worse over the years.

Maybe because we hear about accidents in real time on the internet, but that wreck-it-round-about has claimed a lot of cars lately...

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