How could I? How is it possible for me to leave the house without some change in my pocket?

Here's the story: I don't shop at ALDI much, so when I walked in this past Friday, I realized immediately that I would have to hold everything I would buy in my hands and arms.

That's because I didn't have a cart. To uninitiated ALDI folk, instead of grabbing a cart like every other grocery store on the planet, ALDI wants you to put a quarter in the slot to release the locked-up cart, take it, do your shopping, and then return the cart to get your money back.

So, I went into ALDI on East State Street without a quarter or a cart, using only my two hands to help load up.

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Knowing this, I could only grab a few things, such as a head of lettuce, a gallon of milk, a jug of vinegar, and other odds and ends.

As I was wrapping up my shopping excursion, I started to make my way toward the self-checkout.

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On the way, I walked past a couple, and the man, under his breath and toward his partner, said, "Look at this guy. Can't afford a cart, so he's carrying all that sh*t in his hands."


He was judging me out loud, and I felt stupid. I always thought ALDI people were cool. I'd expect the judgment in other grocery stores, but at ALDI, come on.

To you, judgy ALDI shopper, I'm sorry I forgot the quarter. I won't let it happen again, but please keep the comments to yourself.

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