Smile, you're being recorded! Do you ever forget that everyone has security cameras on their houses? I sure did leaving my brothers last week. 

Let me introduce myself, I'm Michelle, a little sister who generally feels like she missed out on learning a few things in the last three decades.

I'm not mad at anyone or anything. I'm the youngest of four kids and by number 4, things slip.

For example, I'm not great at cleaning... because by the time I got around to the age that I should've been learning how to dust, mop, and sweep, my parents decided to get a cleaning lady.

So, I'm not the greatest at all of the above.

That's clearly also true about driving.

I mean I know how to drive, but there are pieces of the driving experience that I'm not so great at, mainly anything that has to do with parking.

Whether that means driving into a parking space (I'm always way too far back), or leaving the space, I kind of suck.

He truly asked me why I drove over his front yard.

You know what my answer was right...?

'Because you're the one who put my car there and I couldn't figure out how to get out!'

He politely told me I should've just gone sideways.


Winter - 1, Michelle - 0.

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