We asked, you voted and now it's time to celebrate National Margarita Day with Rockford's greatest marg.

Earlier this week we asked you to tell us what your favorite margarita in Rockford was... and well, you definitely voted.

With over 56 percent of the vote... the greatest margarita in Rockford lives at Sam's Ristorante!

Special mention the Taco Betty's, Lucha Cantina, Octane and Murphy's Pub who all received a bunch of votes as well.

Write-ins included: Truk't, Classico Mexico, Dos Amigos in Byron, CJ's Public House, Backyard Grill, Dog Haus, Dos Reales, Casey's, Alvarez, Chili's Lonestar, Garrett's, Alchemy, Fiesta Tequila, Fiesta Cancun, Tiger Tail, and Texas Roadhouse.

Truk't definitely got the most write-in votes, so give them a try when you need a marg in your life.

In fact, head to all of these places this weekend, it is National Margarita Day after all!

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