If mispronunciation and very long A's are your thing, you'll love Chicago accents.

Same would go for the Midwestern accent but mispronounced words don't happen quite as often.

While the Texan, Bostonian, New York, and Mainer accent all took the Top 4 spots in Big Seven Travel's Top 50 Sexiest In The USA Ranked list.

Chicago did land in the 5th spot.

Where to begin? Some hate it, but turns out a LOT love it. Words like 'but' and 'cut' sound a bit more like 'bought' and 'caught' and you’re not 'looking at a picture', you’re 'lookin’ atta pitcher.'

Meanwhile, the Midwestern accent showed up in 16th place.

The 12 states that make up the Midwest have some of their own unique accents, but generally speaking the Midwestern accent in say, Iowa and Nebraska, is subtle and sweet. The words Marymarry, and merry all rhyme with each other.

Wait, Mary, marry and merry don't rhyme? I'm so Midwest I don't know if that's a joke.

Where do you think Midwestern and Chicago accents should rank? Higher? Lower? Is a Texas accent really the sexiest of them all?

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