Did you get vaccinated? Well then you're invited to the summer concert series in Chicago. If you didn't, you're out of luck.

Never in my life did I think we'd go around asking people what vaccines they have in their bodies.

Honestly until a few years ago the only one that ever popped in my head was the Polio vaccine and that's only because my dad said when he was a kid he had to take a nap every afternoon to make sure he didn't get Polio.

Also I think someone lied to him about this.

Fast forward to 2021 and The City of Chicago announced a concert series for vaxed music lovers only.

The series kicks off on May 22nd in Hyde Park with DJ Ron Trent and Duane Powell, according to MyStateline.com.

You have to have had your final dose of the vaccine two weeks ahead of each concert, so if you're scheduled by tomorrow you're set for the first one.

You also have to bring your vaccine card with to get in.

Are you comfortable with this?

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