No more tossing those candles aside after singing, "Happy Birthday!"

I'm already placing my order for the polka dot milk chocolate candles for my birthday, because OMG I feel like I've been waiting for these my entire life.

Gone are the days when you buy a bunch of birthday candles every time someone in your family gets a year older and then watch them sizzle on a colored paper plate shortly after you sing. Now you can eat them instead of just throwing your money away.

Chicago base company, "Let Them Eat Candles," developed a candle that is made of pure chocolate with a removable wick that will make your birthday extra special.

They are available both online and in stores, with a bunch of locations in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. They come in a variety of designs and three different flavors: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Instead of your traditional candle pack of 12 or 24, these candles come in 3-packs, representing the past, present and future.

"Let Them Eat Candles" offers discounts for bulk orders and will make customized designs for your business, weddings, or whatever reason you need the candles. The 3-pack sells for $11.95 and shipping can be a pain, so it would probably be in your best interest to go to one of the stores that carry them.

Worried about the candle melting? Of course you are, because they're made of chocolate. Each candle will withstand the flame for about 60 seconds, another reason why there's only three candles in each pack, but plenty of time to get through your verse or two of, "Happy Birthday."

Seriously, my birthday is in April and I promise I will be taste testing them for you on or around the 14th.

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